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Liz Claiborne – An Iconic American Fashion Brand

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Liz Claiborne
Image: biography.com

Asha Pabla earned a degree in interior design from Parsons School of Design after completing the undergraduate program in the same field at Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University). In her studies, Asha Pabla concentrated on the history and use of textiles. Her formal education and interest in fashion proved instrumental in finding work as a fashion designer with Liz Claiborne in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

More than just a label on stylish, affordable women’s clothing, Liz Claiborne was the first female entrepreneur whose company achieved a ranking on the Forbes 500. From its founding in 1976 through the 1990s, the company enjoyed widespread popularity among professional women and demonstrated resilience during tough economic cycles.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1929, Anne Elisabeth Jane Claiborne started her company in New York to meet demand for an alternative to the often starched and fussy business suits of the 1970s. In partnership with her husband, she created and marketed a wide range of well-designed yet easy-care, mix-and-match sportswear in vibrant color palettes.

The company hit its peak in the mid-1980s. As it entered the Forbes list, its sales easily surpassed the $5 million mark.