Asha PablaAsha Pabla contributes to and participates in New York City’s art scene. She often attends performances at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, and especially enjoys violinist Itzhak Perlman. Asha Pabla is also a Broadway fan, who has recently attended and loved Hamilton, An American in Paris, and Kinky Boots.

An artisan herself, Ms. Pabla enjoys collecting and supporting the works of local and developing-world artists. She is especially fond of her collection of handmade jewelry. She volunteers with both Aid to Artisans and the Volunteer League of Artisans in New York.

She has also previously worked as a textile, fashion, and interior designer in New York and Philadelphia. She managed fabric and textile production at Pressman-Gutman and Miliken & Company before designing for Liz Claiborne. Many of her designs were used in production and worn by thousands.

Outside of work and charity, Ms. Pabla loves to travel and ski. She especially likes to ski at the Rustler Lodge in Alta and Vaujny in the French Alps.

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