AIF Program Promotes Understanding and Involvement among Students

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American India Foundation

Former Liz Claiborne fashion designer Asha Pabla possesses years of experience in garment design, quality control, and fabric sourcing. Outside of the fashion industry, Asha Pabla serves on the board of directors of the American India Foundation (AIF).

In its efforts to promote economic and social change in India, the AIF maintains numerous programs, including the Youth Ambassador Program. The program focuses on establishing a bridge between the United States and India by exposing US high school students to conditions in India.

The Youth Ambassador Program gives American students the opportunity to visit communities in India and interact with the country’s private sector and schools. During their time in India, US students participate in a service-learning curriculum designed by the AIF and work in hands-on activities offered through AIF’s partnership with the Frugal Innovation Lab at the Santa Clara University School of Engineering. Through first-hand experience, American students develop an understanding of the economic, environmental, and social challenges that Indian communities face.