Hamilton Mixtape Tops the Billboard Charts

Hamilton Mixtape pic
Hamilton Mixtape
Image: billboard.com

A quality control specialist in the fashion industry for more than a decade, Asha Pabla enjoys modern plays and musicals, including the critically acclaimed Hamilton. In her spare time, Asha Pabla enjoys visiting the Lincoln Center, where Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda first performed songs from the Hamilton album that would eventually comprise the Broadway musical.

The success of the Grammy-winning Hamilton album and the musical, which won 11 Tony awards, spawned the release of The Hamilton Mixtape. Featuring a kaleidoscope of popular artists, The Hamilton Mixtape debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart for the week ending December 8, 2016, with 187,000 traditional album sales and streaming downloads. It was the first compilation album to debut at number one since Now 50 did so in May of 2014. The first Hamilton album, which featured the original cast of the Broadway play, peaked at number three on the Billboard chart.

Artists appearing on The Hamilton Mixtape include Common, Chance the Rapper, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, and K’nann, among others. A second volume is already in the works.

The American India Foundation’s Mission and Values

American India Foundation pic
American India Foundation
Image: aif.org

A former fashion designer, Asha Pabla is an active community volunteer, serving in leadership roles for a number of nonprofit groups. The American India Foundation (AIF) is among the organizations of which Asha Pabla serves as a board member.

The AIF is committed to its mission of eradicating poverty in India through efforts that spearhead both social and economic change in the country. Specifically, the group’s vision is centered on helping every person in India get an affordable education and health care.

AIF also serves as a funding incubator to help entrepreneurs in India get their businesses off the ground. AIF accomplishes these goals by remaining true to its five core values: creativity, unity, respect, integrity, and excellence.

Through creativity, AIF seeks to stimulate innovation and free thought among the people of India. Pursuing unity, AIF is devoted to equal opportunity for all citizens to have a say in the evolution of India.

AIF is also deeply committed to respect for all persons, regardless of their background, gender, race, or sexuality, affirming their individuality and ability to positively contribute to society. As for integrity, AIF’s goal is to be open and honest in all its dealings, maintaining high ethics and accountability.

Finally, AIF’s commitment to excellence is at the heart of its mission. The organization works each day to make life better for all of India’s people.

Lincoln Center Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Balanchine’s Jewels

Balanchine's Jewels pic
Balanchine’s Jewels
Image: lincolncenterfestival.org

Asha Pabla managed quality control for businesses such as Miliken & Company, and later worked as a fashion designer for Liz Clairborne. During her free time, Asha Pabla enjoys taking in new shows and performances at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Based in New York City, the Lincoln Center leads the world in presenting high-quality artistic programs, including theater and ballet. The center also serves to educate the public in the performing arts and manages its Lincoln Center Campus.

The Lincoln Center announced its 2017 festival will commemorate the 50th anniversary of George Balanchine’s ballet, Jewels. The ballet focuses on three different styles, with the first act, Emeralds, highlighting French; second act, Rubies, focusing on the American Jazz Age; and closing act, Diamonds, dedicated to the grand beauty opulence of Russia. The Paris Opera Ballet, the New York City Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet will dance to represent each of their countries. Performances will take place July 20-23, 2017.